Il lido di Fido


......A Dog friendly beach

GIT SpA dedicates a section of its concession to an area equipped for dogs. This area has been named Lido di Fido and it is located towards the eastern area of the beach (the last area
before the public beach).
Guests will be provided of a beach umbrella, a deck chair, a beach bed, a leash holder, a dog waste bag, a dog water bowl and parking area.
There is also a dog washing area. Dogs are allowed to go swimming only in front of the area reserved for dogs which is delimited with adequate and highly visible floats.


OPENING HOURS: 08:00am to 7:00pm

1.Dogs can access the beach only if in possession of a microchip or an ID tattoo. Dogs that come from abroad must be up to date with the rabies vaccination.

2.For the well-being of others and their dogs, owners are recommended to have their dogs undergo preventive vaccinations against the main infectious diseases (distemper, leptospirosis and parvovirus), as well as to undergo preventive treatments against the main infestive diseases (parasites) . Dogs with cardiovascular pathologies should not be brought.

3.Before entering the beach, each dog must be wearing a flea collar and must be kept on a leash while on the beach. The leash must be at least 1,5 meters firmly fixed to the ground.

4.For dog breeds or crossbreed dogs at risk of aggression (Ordinance 14.01.2008 G.U. n°23 of 28.01.2008) it is compulsory for dogs to wear a muzzle and a leash, whoever owns dogs that are part of the above breed, must take out an insurance policy against third party liability for any damages caused by the dog.

5.The person in charge of the dog must be careful that the animal does not get close to other dogs. There must always be a drinking bowl with water accessible to the dog as well as the possibility of the dog being in the shade.

6.Owners must make sure that dog wastes are removed and placed in the appropriate waste container, while liquid wastes must be washed away with plentiful sea water.

7.No more than 5 dogs at a time can go into the sea. As soon as they finish swimming they must immediately be put back on a leash. Owners must be present at all times while dogs are in the water.

8.Owners should avoid that dogs bark for long periods of time and that there is no excessive active behaviour. Otherwise, the owner will be invited to leave. Staff personnel are authorized to impose this rule at their discretion. Access is still prohibited to dogs with aggressive behaviour and female dogs with the estrous cycle (in heat).

9. About every two hours the dog must be taken for a walk outside of the beach.

10. In order to ensure a good service, the manager of “Lido di Fido” has the right to decide which beach umbrella to assign to families with dogs as well as the right to make changes if necessary.

11. Dogs must never be left unattended and free to roam. Any damages caused by the animal are the owner’s responsibility .

12. In the event that the above regulations are not followed, the person must abandon the area, as well as if any of the rules required by Law are broken. The Management has the right to contact the relevant administrative and sanitary authorities ( Local Police and ASSL – Azienda Sanitaria Locale)