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Aquaticrunner IWC World Championship

Aquaticrunner IWC World Championship
8 Settembre 2019 - Grado / Lignano

2018 EDITION From all perspectives the 2018 Swimrun World Championship combined with the Italian CSEN Championship (for that occasion two titles were awarded), was a great show. The event counted the presence of representatives from four continents and the participation of twenty two foreign athletes who were surrounded by a crowd of six hundred enthusiastic fans and followers. The fans all spread out to watch the race along the course on the Island of Grado and along the beaches and the streets of Lignano.. Finally blessed by a splendid sunny day the swimrunners crossed the finish line in Piazza Marcello d’ Olivo . A brief recap of 2018 event. On September 16th Alberto CASADEI is crowned world champion and CSEN Italian champion with a time of 3h 1 'and 30' ', Francesco CAUZ, placed second at 1'23' ' third we had Adriel YOUNG from Australia at 3'44' ',fourth place Faris AL-SULTAN Germany at 5'15' 'and the fifth finisher was Jack MCAFEE Usa at 17' 25 ''. Among the women we witnessed an all italian podium: first Jessica GALLEANI,(former winner of 2015) with 3:42:01,in second place we had two athletes who arrived together the winner of the 2017 edition Adelaide CAPPELLINI and the Daniela CALVINO at 6'25 ''.

2019 EDITION The second edition of the SwimRun World Championship the sixth of the Italia swimrun championship will start at 7:00am on Sunday September 8th, 2019 starting from Grado and arriving in Lignano. In the 2019 editions there will be a new twist in the course design After the start we will see the athletes running through “Old Grado/Grado Vecchia” along the ancient old roman ruins, and centuries old the Basilica of Sant'Eufemia The actual basilica rises above the “old basilica “built by the noble of Aquileia Niceta (454- 485) during the invasion of Attila the Hun. At that time the basilica, the official church in the area, was home of pro-Roman and pro-Byzantine harm of the political scenario and all the territory was controlled by the Dukes of Venice and the Patriarchs of Aquileia. During the year 1455 to the basilica there were added the church and the bell tower at the top of the tower we can see an embossed copper vault dating back in the year 1462 showing the archangel Michael. From the little square in front of the Basilica the races will enter the heart of the so called by the locals “Grado Vecchia”. The course will bring the athletes through the streets and the alleys. For a moment they will experience the emotions of running within a city without cars, living “suspended” out of time and space, as if they were in Venice so loved by the entire world. From “Grado Vecchia” the competitors will again run to the area of the Roman ruins going towards the “Diga” a boardwalk like pedestrian dam continuing along the beach to then enter the water at the Spiaggia Azzurra resort. With the new course going through “Grado Vecchia” the distance of the race will add one kilometer to the total length. That kilometer will be done at a “pace speed” to give chance to the athletes to enjoy the view and to warm up before the start, which will be given by the”Diga” before the start of the swimming fraction. The total distance of the race will be 33kilometers with 6.3 kilometers of swimming, with 19 water and land transitions, and 26.7 kilometers of the running The news this year is that we also have US qualifying races. In 2020 the US with the following swimrun qualifying races Maryland - May 11th, Knoxville June 30th and Minnesota August 10th 2020 the US swim run organization will itself secure twenty “participating” spots in the world championship. Other participating qualifying events will taking place in 2019 are in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, Montevideo, Uruguay, in Sudbury Canada, Hungary and Belgium. Madeira Portugal and Fuerteventura Canary Islands qualifying swimrun races have already taken place and have gained 16 participating qualified spots. Matteo Benedetti, Aquaticrunner founder ensures that the regulatory parts will change to accommodate the athletes of the double categories that use special equipment that in individual races are currently not allowed. '' We will meet in the national committee in Padua shortly and decide on the Italian level how to precede it, ''Benedetti said.. The idea is to allow the pull buoy (floating device) to not to be limited in size. In addition as far as the upper body “neoprene” wet suit goes there is a thought to limit the usage of the upper body wet suit as per temperature settings. All 140 finishers of the 2018 International World Championship Aquaticrunner, are qualified for 2019 event. They have been already pre- registered. Athletes like Casadei, Cauz, Guadagni, Kuhar, Leitner and Arcuri have already confirmed their presence. Females Cappellini, Calvino, Dorr la Pornold and Fontana have also confirmed their presence to the race. The champion Faris AL Sultan, German Iraqi 2016 and 2017 IWC swimrun participant, has yet to confirm since he has becme technical manager of the German triathlon and his schedule may not allow him to be with us this year. Australian Adriel Young may not be here as well due to the schedule conflict with the Otillo event in Sweden. Registrations based on individual sports achievements open on Tuesday, December 18 at 20:00 Rome, Italy time zone (8:00PM) We are anticipating a fierce competition among swimrun athletes to secure one of the 80 the participating spots still available. The remaining spots, if any, will be assigned with the international qualifications as indicated on the rules for qualification s to register available on our web site This race every year is sold out in no time. The Kids race in Lignano is also confirmed. The race will start at 9:00 am, September 8th. In 2018 this was the first ever disputed children’s swim run event in Italy For this event we had a limit of 35 little amphibians It should be noted that at Aquaticrunner 2018 there were two Italian National Television crews from a show called “Linea Blu “covering the event. The report was then broadcasted on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 2:00 pm on Channel One. giving the event great exposure for the fans aficionados of this new sports discipline. On the Bike Channel /Sky there were 15 replicas of the race. Finally we are looking forward to the 2109 eve

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